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Künstler Statement

 A  central theme in the oilpaintings made by Uko Post is the vanitas idea. Life is fragile and does not last long.

 The painting style is Realism with a melancholic, mystical strain, bordered on the Magical Realism of the thirties of the twentieth century.

Adored  Painters from this period are for example the Dutch painters: Pyke Koch, Wim Schuhmacher, Raoul Hynkes, Dick Ket and Carel  A.C. Willink.


Uko Post, ( born in the Netherlands, Meppel, 27-07-1954 ) is a contemporary realistic painter,  was trained at the academy (Minerva) of fine arts in Groningen (Netherlands) 1972-1978. He lives in Belgium (region Sankt Vith, Eifel) since 1994.

His painting is often associated with the Magical Realists of the twentieth century.

A central theme in his work is the opposition of life, decline and death (vanitas).

He can be counted among  the Northern Realists ( Noordelijke Realisten). Other websites: